December 2nd Advent Window – Jonathan Bishop

December 1, 2008

Advent Windows got off to a successful start today at the Greenwich Tourist Office. You can see a picture of the window against the December 1st blog entry.

Jonathan Bishop's Window for 2 December

Jonathan Bishop's Window for 2 December. Photo courtesy of Tim Keeler

The Window for December 2nd is kindly being hosted by the artist Jonathan Bishop.

Address: 22 Nelson Road, SE10 9JB

There will be an official opening at 6pm, and all are welcome. Please do come and join us!


3 Responses to “December 2nd Advent Window – Jonathan Bishop”

  1. This is a wonderful project. I can’t wait to visit Greenwich and see the windows in action.

    Here’s a link to a story I’ve written for News Shopper on Advent Windows:

  2. Jane Maffett said

    Looks really nice – how did you do it?

  3. Jonathan Bishop said

    Hi, thank you 🙂

    It is built entirely out of paper,tape and staples and rests on a simple timber frame. Friends and family, and students from St.Saviours and St.Olaves school have been helping me to make paper cones over the past month,I then collected and bunched these together over a template to create what you can see now.
    I used a circle cutter to make holes in the paper screen through which the cones are balanced. It is very precarious and the sellotape will lose its tack and the structure will loosen as time goes on, it may disorganise itself, but I think that thats probably part of the charm for me.
    It took 5 days to set up with the help of an excellent friend and we tested the best takeaways Greenwich had to offer 🙂

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