December 6th Advent Window 213 Greenwich High Rd

December 5, 2008

A Star Leads the Way

A Star Leads the Way

A star leads the way’

The Magi saw the Christmas Star in the East and followed it to find baby Jesus. We will erect our own star, this one in an East-side window, to mark the start of the Christmas season. Other smaller stars, cut by children, will fill the rest of the windows. The official opening will take place at 4 p.m. on Saturday. All are welcome.


One Response to “December 6th Advent Window 213 Greenwich High Rd”

  1. Gill said

    Hopes and Fears from young friends of Maureen and her family:

    Eddie, Age 6

    Hope it snows.

    Fear that there will be no stocking.

    Curtis, Age 8

    Hopes: That the planet will be better, with not so much carbon dioxide, that people will be happier, and that I get better at the piano.

    Fears: that the telly might break!

    Watts, Age 6

    Hopes: A flat-screen TV for his room, with a Wii to go with it. (His mum says, “Big dreamer, that kid.”)
    Fears: Fire

    Noah aged 6:

    Hopes – for no more war.

    Fears – bad dreams.

    Alana, Age 5

    Hopes: “That I am not naughty anymore”

    Fears: “That Father Christmas won’t come because I’ve been naughty”

    Michaela, Age 7

    Hopes: “That all the homeless people get a home for Christmas”

    Fears: ‘That people will continue to use cars and gas and the world will get too hot”

    Liam, Age 3:

    Hope: “I hope Santa comes”

    Fear: “Elves that help Santa scare me”

    Kiera, Age 5

    Hope: “Santa finds our house since we moved” and/or “He brings me a Barbie Styling Head”

    Fear: “Santa won’t find our house since we moved.”

    Knox, Age 9

    is afraid that Santa will fall off of our roof. His hope is that Rudolph will finish the carrot we leave him – he has always just eaten half!

    Estelle – age 6

    “I wish I could see my Grandma and Grandad but they live far away.”


    “I hope I get pink and purple presents.”

    as for fears

    “I’m afraid of monsters behind the Christmas tree.”

    not sure where that came from

    James – age 8

    “I wish it would snow.”

    and of course all children’s big fear

    “I’m afraid of getting presents I don’t want!”

    The exclamation mark was at his request.

    Alby (4yrs)

    Hopes – “I hope it’s going to be snowing…”

    Fears – “We don’t have to go to school…”

    Herb (6yrs)

    Hopes – “A big, fat stocking…”

    Fears – “A haircut…”

    Finley aged 7

    said “what are hopes and fears” once it was explained to him

    he said his fear was Belmont – our cat – dying. His hope was for a lovely

    Christmas for everyone and Belmont not dying. When asked about Gizmo – he

    said he was too young to die so it was ok not to include him.

    Eilish aged 9

    said she had no fears and she is still thinking about the


    Gen, Age 14

    I hope it snows on Christmas. I fear that Santa won’t come down the chimney!

    Susie, Age 10 ½

    I hope our papier-mache snowman at school won’t fall to pieces. I fear that Christmas won’t come.

    Madeline, age 8

    I hope that Omalein and Grumps’ Christmas play goes well, but I fear that everything will go completely wrong and it will be a disaster.

    Louis, Age 6

    I hope it will snow on Christmas, and I will get to go sledging!

    Emma, Age 8

    She hopes that she will have a good life, and that war will stop. She fears illness in the family and war.

    Wendy, age 4

    Wishes that there was not darkness in the night and she wants fireworks to make everyone happy. She fears scary stories.

    Andrew, age 9

    My hope is for lots of Christmas presents, but my fear is that I will get coal instead.

    Nicholas, age 5

    My hope is that Grandma and Grandpa get here safely. My fear is that I won’t get presents.

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