by Revd Chris Moody
Vicar of St. Alfege Church, Greenwich

Rvd. Christopher Moody

Cast away the Dreams of Darkness. Welcome to our third set of Advent Windows. When I wrote this preface last year we were at the beginning of the global financial crisis and the middle of a presidential election. Twelve months on, the first wave of the panic is over, but we’re still looking with some bewilderment at the devastation caused and wondering whether this terrible wake up call has actually made a difference. Hence the theme for this year- a wake up call composed in the 6th c but still relevant today:

Hark! a herald voice is calling;
‘Christ is nigh’ it seems to say;
Cast away the dreams of darkness,
O ye children of the day!

What dreams still persist from the pre crisis era? Will we consume less, care more, change our priorities, look for new ways of co-existing peaceably with others, build relationships on firmer ground? Or have we just turned over in our sleep to dream on? Part of the answer, of course, is what we believe about ourselves. Here the hymn gives us a clue and an endorsement. We are ‘children of day’. Not the inevitable products of our own age and conditioning. What would change if we really trusted that was true? What if we tried to act like people who were really awake to new possibilities rather than prisoners of the past, condemned to repeat the same mistakes over and over again?

This year we have an even richer array of windows to admire around Greenwich between Blackheath Hill and the river, all the products of individual ingenuity imagination and effort, but steadily building up day by day to make space for a richer Christmas celebration. Enjoy them.


One Response to “Cast Away the Dreams of Darkness”

  1. Dear Chris,
    We’re all very excited about taking part at So Organic. Lots of our customers are submitting their dreams for a a greener future to be included in our window and all will be revealed on Friday 4th at 5pm. Stuart, Chris and Tony are busily practising their recorder concert and would love you to join in with them again. Please do email me if you would like us to send you the music in advance.
    Very best wishes

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