Cast away the dreams of darkness. St Alfege wishes you a happy Christmas and hopeful dreams for 2010.  Post your dreams for 2010 (or your fears) on this blog.

Come and help us celebrate and look forward to a brighter future. Christingle (5.00pm…particluarly good for children) or at our candlelit Midnight Mass with our fantastic choir (carol concert at 10.45, then service at 11.30)


News from windows hosts

November 29, 2008

For those of you hosting a window this year. If you want to share news, any special initiatives, events, thoughts or comments overheard outside your window, please post them here.

Press Information

November 27, 2008

Community advent calendar keeps hopes alive in Greenwich

Building on a successful launch last year, Greenwich town centre is once more to be brought alive by 24 unique offerings in the lead up to Christmas. Shops, homes, schools and pubs are bending their imagination and artistry to produce a living Advent Calendar. A newly decorated window will be revealed, or “opened”, on each day of Advent (1st to 24th December 2008) in different parts of Greenwich and remain on view until Twelfth Night on 5th January 2008.

St Alfege Church, the wonderful Hawksmoor church opposite Greenwich market, is at the heart of this explosion of creative talent. This year’s theme, ‘Hopes and Fears’ reflects advent hope, but also people’s basic fears, in these times of economic uncertainty. Ideas range from snakes and ladders, eco friendly homes, the run up to the London Olympics, the credit crunch at home and abroad, to the traditional focus on the stable in Bethlehem, freshly interpreted. A variety of media will be used, including multimedia installations, models, paintings, and graffiti art.

Chris Moody, the Vicar of St Alfege Church, says ‘though the theme reflects the state the world is in at the moment, we’re not holding our breath about the project itself this year because we know we are drawing on the enthusiasm generated by last year’s success. Still, exactly half the contributors this year will be doing it for the first time. Every design is new and a touch of friendly competition will add to the fun. We have already seen an eco house, an installation representing Mary, made of paper cones, made with the help of local school children.

So many different sorts of people live, work and study in Greenwich or come here as visitors, it’s easy to pass each other by without noticing. In its casual and low-key way, Advent Windows offers people the opportunity to meet each other under a common umbrella, in the same way Chaucer’s pilgrims might have met here on the road from London to Canterbury in the Middle Ages. Time taken out, however momentarily, to refresh our hopes and broaden our sympathies.’

Editors’ notes

1. More details are available from a website or by telephoning Gill Moody on 07932 101058, or emailing

2. St Alfege Church Greenwich is built on the site of the martyrdom of St Alfege in 1012. This Hawksmoor church is known internationally and is a focus both for the local community and for tourists. It is at the heart of Greenwich which has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site

More details can be found on the website