Cast away the dreams of darkness. St Alfege wishes you a happy Christmas and hopeful dreams for 2010.  Post your dreams for 2010 (or your fears) on this blog.

Come and help us celebrate and look forward to a brighter future. Christingle (5.00pm…particluarly good for children) or at our candlelit Midnight Mass with our fantastic choir (carol concert at 10.45, then service at 11.30)


Happy Christmas

December 25, 2008

All windows now on show until 5th January. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a hopeful new year

‘Are met in thee tonight’
St Alfege Church, Greenwich High Road, SE10 9JS

An interactive installation. Extracts from our blog, and the chance for all those coming to the church to post their hopes and fears for 2009. VISIBLE IN THE CHURCH ON THE EVENING OF CHRISTMAS EVE, THEN AS A POSTER BESIDE THE MAIN ENTRANCE TO THE CHURCH UNTIL JANUARY 5TH (Christmas services: 5.00pm Christingle; 10.45pm carol concert; 11.30pm Midnight Mass)

Tuesday 23rd December – ‘Bang’
58 Royal Hill, SE10 8RTrsz_bang-opening2

A surprise!  Official opening 7.00 pm

Carol singing around the windows starting at 5.30 pm 72 Crosslet Vale, SE10 8DJ…7.00 pm 58 Royal Hill, SE10 8RT (next to the Greenwich Union) then about 8.00 at 15 Crane St, SE10 9NP then retiring to a pub on the river…..

'The darkness has not overcome it' - 22nd December

'The darkness has not overcome it' - 22nd December

‘The darkness has not overcome it’
30a Crooms Hill, SE10 8ER

Designed to be seen at night, this window represents the approach of Hope through fear and shadow. It is intended to represent Hope’s vulnerability in contact with the darker forces of the world, but it is essentially an optimistic view, drawing on classical mythology and Germanic fairytales for its setting.

'Follow your star' - 20th December

'Follow your star' - 20th December

‘Follow your star’
34 Hyde Vale, SE10 8QH

After nightfall ‘ The Spirit of Hope ‘ is leaping towards his Star.
During the day he will mutate through various themes and roles.
His day time persona needs a name and there will be a box to receive your suggestions. Opening at 6.00 pm

‘I saw three ships’
4 Feathers Place, SE10 9NE

We wish to use our space to celebrate the individuals who dedicate
their lives to making the lives of others better. Our window will be
created by the family – 2 grown ups with limited creative skills and a
very excited 7 year old!


‘Christmas bonus’
57 Royal Hill, SE10 8RZ

We will use video (visible for a couple of hours each evening) and still material (visible all day) drawn from the Bible, the St Nicholas myth and from contemporary sources to contrast the rewards and expectations of receiving at Christmas in northern Europe with those in poverty elsewhere. It will underline the contrasting impacts of the credit crunch on both communities. Official opening reception 7.00 pm

December 18th - "Christmas bonus"

December 18th - "Christmas bonus"

December 16th - "Hope out of despair"

December 16th - "Hope out of despair"

‘Hope out of despair’
72 Crosslet Vale, SE10 8DJ

In a world full of anger and despair, hope shines like a candle in the darkness. Official opening 6.00 pm.

The Vicarage, 33 Park Vista, SE10 9LZ

A projection of moving colours signifies key themes in world news. Visible in the evening until about 11.00 pm.

'Untitled' - 11th December

'Untitled' - 11th December