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Tuesday 1st, Tourist Information Centre, 46 Greenwich Church Street, SE10 9BL, Cast away the dreams of darkness

 Wednesday 2nd, Greenwich Printmakers, 1a Greenwich Market, SE10 9HZ, Angels and Demons (OPENING AT 4.00PM)

Thursday 3rd, Pickwick Papers, 6 Nelson Road, SE10 9JB Not necessarily a good idea (WINE AVAILABLE 5-6 PM)

Friday 4th, So Organic, 22 Nelson Road , SE10 9JB Power of dreams, organic reality (MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT AND HOMEMADE MINCE PIES 5PM)

Saturday 5th , Candy Cane Christmas, 213 Greenwich High Road, SE10 8NB,

Come and see the Christmas candy canes hanging in our windows and in our front garden, and go to sleep dreaming of Christmas.  Inspired by Candy Cane Poem.

Sunday 6th, Cast away the dreams of darkness, 12-14 Greenwich Church Street, SE10 9BJ, Official opening 6pm, Drinks and delicious cakes from Rhodes Bakery.

A giant collage made from photographs of sculpted paper armour.  Hopefully the piece acts as a point for reflection with a nod to a lighter future

Monday 7th, Follow the Star Meridian School , Old Woolwich Road, SE10 9NY

Official opening 9:15am,

Our Reception class has devised the window.  Our window depicts the three wise men on their journey to Bethlehem, using fabrics and acrylic paints.  It links to our topic which is Day and Night

Tuesday 8th, Hope in the World St Alfege Primary School, 3-11 Creek Road, SE10 9RB,

Official opening 4 pm

Hopes and fears of all the years are born in these tonight

Wednesday 9th, The First Christmas James Wolfe Primary School, Randall Place, SE10 9LA, Official opening 15:00pm, Children singing carols nearby when we open the window, and we have our carol service at the church later on that evening,

We will be basing our window on the book ‘The First Christmas’ by Jan Pienkowski, which uses silhoutte to tell the story of the nativity.  We will use different colours of acetate and black card to imitate six key scenes from the story

Thursday 10th, Nox atra – vox clara The Vicarage, 33 Park Vista, SE10 9LZ,

Official opening 8:15pm  with refreshments

Vox Clara’ is the 6th century Latin hymn from which comes the line ‘Cast away the dreams of darkness’ (in Fr Caswell’s 17th century translation).  Our window uses simple weather symbols to represent the movement from darkness to light.  In the symbol of the sun, the ‘bright voice’ emerges from the ‘nox atra’ – the black night – of storm and tempest, calling us to hope and joy

Friday 11th, RISE: Sun, Stars and Bread 9 Turpin Lane, SE10 9JA.

Visible 24hr – at dark is best. The piece will recreate the life-sustaining mechanisms of our solar system in a bread shop.  The work will marvel in the physics behind the humble load of bread, to discover and model the complicated relationship we have with stars and space.  Come visit and discover life in the bread shop

Saturday 12th, Light to the world 23 Westgrove Lane, SE10 8QP

Official opening 7:00pm, Hot toddy and an actual enactment of the said picture by a professional actor procured through the London Quest Company,

“Light of the World” after Holman-Hunt’s famous picture “Light of the World” driving out the dreams of darkness.  The picture will be projected on the wall of our upper room visible from the Lane. Visible evening only

Sunday 13th, After dark, seeing the light 46 Devonshire Drive, SE10 8JZ,

Official opening 16:30pm. Mulled wine and Christmas treats, with the help of family, friends and neighbours we will attempt to show how greed and lack of awareness can destroy our planet and it’s inhabitants.

The children will show ‘darker’ images from their top window.  ‘Seeing the light’ and caring about the planet, not eating animals and reducing our carbon footprint will help  brighten the lives of people and animals together.  The middle bay window will depict brightness and light – casting away those dreams of darkness that presently surround our planet

Monday 14th, Blessed Trinity, 15 Crane Street, SE10 9NP

Trinity College, Trinity House Lightship and Trinity Hospital, (our immediate neighbours)

Tuesday 15th,  Reaching for the Light, 34 Hyde Vale, SE10 8QH  Official opening 6:00pm Mulled wine and mince pies.

Lit from dusk to 11pm, an illuminated star will be high in the tree and an illuminated green man will be leaping from the gate post towards the light.  During the day, when not illuminated, he will wear seasonal/thematic outfits.

Wednesday 16th, Map of a dream 16 St Alfege Passage, SE10 9JS, Official opening 6:00pm,

Spot  lits after dark, “Map of a dream” was painted in  1960 by John Christopherson, late husband of artist Anne Christopherson a long term Greenwich resident.  Anne and John’s work will be featured in the New Year on BBC’s Antique Roadshow.

Thursday 17th, Window shopping: looking not buying, Flat 20, The Jubilee, Egerton Drive, SE10 8JW, Official opening 7.00pm, Mulled wine and mince pies.

Visible until 9pm, The window casts away the darker side of consumerism, showing objects and luxury goods we often dream of having and owning being cast aside, leaving the simpler free things in life such as love to shine through.

Friday 18th , A Star Shines 34 Coltman House, Welland Street, SE10 9DW, Official opening 19:30pm,

Visible from 4.30pm. Our concept is to cast away the dreams of darkness by giving the gift of light at Christmas and our window will feature presents opened slightly revealing light to symbolise whatever it is that brings light into your life

Saturday 19th, Let there be light, 203 Greenwich High Road, SE10 8NB, Official opening 8:00pm,

More effective pm. To cast away the dreams of darkness’, 203 has provided a cheerful and uplifting light display on their advent window.  In darkness this display is so bright it can be seen from the middle of South Street, so provides an excellent landmark to light the way to the town centre for all those attending christmas carol services and parties!

Sunday 20th , Into the light, 30A Crooms Hill, SE10 8ER  Official opening 17:30pm, Drinks and nibbles,

As the equinox arrives we become aware of the waxing of the day and hope rises with the tilt towards the sun.  The coming of the light, as the year turns and as night ends, brings reassurance and hope, as shadows are dispelled and the wealth and fruitfulness of creation are revealed.  The window is inspiried by architectural forms and the theatrical and graphical representation of landscape, hinting at traditions and folklore associated with midwinter, sleep and awakening

Monday 21st, Christmas Belles, Belle, 20 College Approach, SE10 9HY Official opening at  10:00am, Mince pies,

Theme will consist of bells, the sound of which we can imagine casts away gloom and bad dreams and brings joy to people’s lives

Tuesday 22nd, Before the Dawn, St Alfege Sunday School, 17 Point Hill, SE10 8QW, Opening ceremony: 3:30pm -4.30. Snacks and drinks…all welcome

It’s an ordinary night – a bit boring.  Shepherds are looking after their sheep, waiting for the dawn.  Suddenly there are lights in the sky, angels telling them to go and seek out the dark little stable where something amazing is happening.

Wednesday 23rd, Through a glass darkly, 58 Royal Hill, SE10 8RT, Official opening 7:00pm, , Entertainment and hospitality

Better seen in the dark.

Lightening, from a dark place, tries to strike and, through broken glass, you see the light of dawn’

Thursday 24th, Cast away the dreams of darkness, St Alfege Church, Greenwich Church Street, SE10 9BJ,

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